As a health care provider, I saw people struggling who didn’t qualify for Medicare or Medicaid but couldn’t afford health insurance either. We all know someone, or are someone, who has some sort of “pre-existing condition.”

So many of us have struggled, or are struggling, to afford our health insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles, or other expenses currently associated with health insurance. 

I am running to ensure all Wisconsinites have access to affordable health care, because no one should go bankrupt or hold fundraisers just because they got sick.

As a teacher, I saw local school districts that literally couldn’t afford to keep their lights on. Our classrooms are overcrowded and understaffed, leading to a loss of learning time for our children. We have a shortage of teachers, because even though they have a college degree, they can’t afford to pay their student loans on a teacher’s salary.

Our public schools were once the envy of the nation, but now they are struggling because of decisions made by the current GOP leadership. I am running to make sure our public schools — rather than foreign corporations — are a funding priority in our state.

Our children deserve a high-quality public education that leads to high-quality, tax-paying jobs. Both our quality of life and our economy depend on fully-funded public schools.

As a parent, I drive my kids around on roads and bridges that are crumbling in this district. I am running to ensure our infrastructure is repaired and maintained, because there’s nothing conservative about pushing repairs down the road while the problems multiply.

As a resident of the Town of Center, I’ve talked to those in rural areas who have no access to the internet and who are being left behind as our society goes digital. I am running to make sure everyone has access to broadband, so our rural areas can survive and thrive in this modern age.

As both the son of a small business owner, and a former small business owner myself, I grew up seeing the investment of hard work return dividends of a middle class lifestyle. I am running to create a fair tax structure where large corporations and the very wealthiest pay their fair share.

People deserve to have family-supporting jobs that allow them to work, pay their bills, send their kids to college, and save for retirement. I’m running to enact wage and labor laws that will ensure workers can live comfortable lives just as they did throughout most of Wisconsin’s history.

As a homeowner whose kids drink well water from the tap, I’m running to make sure our groundwater is safe and corporations aren’t given free license to pollute our environment. Our most valued industries and pastimes in Wisconsin depend on a healthy environment — fishing, hunting, camping, farming, tourism, paper, etc.

We need clean air, water, and soil; without these, any economic development is only a short-term gain being made at the expense of our long-term economic and health interests. We should not make personal gains to the detriment of our health, children, and long-term economic success.

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